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10 Dec

There is evidence that one falls asleep in the train or car more easily due to the rhythmic, repetitive sound of the motor or the thumping and rattling of the tracks. Similarly the sound of certain music beats seem soothing and relaxing. The generally accepted theory on this is based on the fact, that the nature of these sounds is very similar to the human heartbeat and could just enforce the personal perception. It may in fact even subconsciously remind the listener of the maternal rhythm of the heart in the womb. Keeping this in mind one can actually lead the audience through the night and enhance the musical experience.

In some music genres this is more the case than in others. It is hard to pin-point each musicians individual intention. Yet one can surely say that Goa, Psy and Trance music is specifically aimed toward creating a feeling of shelter and comfort. This is not only done by using “natural” beats but also by sampling anything from water and wind to wildlife within the tracks.

To many these musical styles are strongly affiliated with esoteric cult and drug-use, which may not be completely wrong. This music however even bears welcome rhythm to those not under the influence due to the relaxing beat and atmospheric sound.
Some of the music however seems much harder and faster yet is only based on the same beat at a higher rate. There the distinction from Drum and Bass,Bass and Techno often doesn’t seem that far off and can be hard to define.

Some people do actually even manage to fall asleep to this music, when sound and listener are ideally tuned to each other.

The following track is from a German Psy-Trance DJ from Hamburg. Neelix has become quite well known over the years for his live performances and well produced pieces of which this is a good example.