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17 Oct

As the Folk movement of the 60s and 70s was predominantly politically motivated it seems to be an easy transition over to Punk. Although folk music and its artists were long shun by the antiauthoritarian and anarchistic it has now been taken up again in a very distinct and different way.

Folk-Punk which again has become very diverse by now grew into being a mostly acoustic genre that makes use of many of the traditional instruments used in folk, country and bluegrass. Most often fiddle, banjo and guitar are used although cello, upright bass, trumpet and saxophone are not uncommon. There are attempts to create electric folk punk, that has however taken on a different angle and has become more mainstream through bands like Against Me! and The Gaslight Anthem.

Of course the are also different local approaches to the genre. For example Irish, British, east European and Swedish artists have all taken on mostly different styles that are very distinct. To mention here is The Tallest Man On Earth from Sweden with his traditional and Dylan-related voice and music as well as Neck from north London with their “celtic-punk” sound.

However the core of Folk-Punk to some degree is set in a even more distinct part of the genre. The anarchist and partly socialist and atheist movement throughout the world has brought up some extremely talented musicians and great bands such as Morning Glory, Leftöver Crack and many more. The main theme of this music, often referred to as crack-punk is mostly drawn around drugs, politics, authority and having fun. Of course there was no exception on incorporating this into the realm of Folk-Punk as well.
Therefor an even more minimalistic form of music evolved, often only consisting of one or two instruments. This could be termed “crack-folk” to keep the format.
Some groups are more on the outskirts of the more extreme genre such as The Ghost Mice, Captain Chaos and other bands from the Plant-it-X Records label which is known for it’s Folk-Punk/Punk productions.
Other bands such as Wingnut Dishwashers Union and the artist Johnny Hobo are very much affiliated with the anarchist movement which becomes clear within the rather simple but nonetheless great lyrics.