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23 Jun

” There’s too much I in me you say

I don’t understand.

Why lose yourself and not your way?

You leave…


We don’t seem compatible

Outdated. Some years behind

Framed without a picture taken!


Slapped up against the walls

Spread across the floors

I grab your soul,

You my heart


We wake up hand in hand

As till it hurts and death us part

We walk on hand in hand


My feet break, your nose falls off

We’ll be happy ever after!”

P:\England Dubstep

6 Dec

“‘Clat! never let dem ranking bastard get any a ‘dis!”

Whomp! Whomp! – it goes through the concrete city basement.

Pushing along the sweat soaked walls, down the blood splattered stairs into the hole.
No light to follow, no friendly prick to take my load, only the stench of shit, sweat and piss rippling off as you enter.
Damp the face begins to melt.
Shattered across the floor, the oily liquid reflects disfigured shadows. Senses sink and are choked like a lobster before the drop, slowly breathing in hot steam – numbing delicacy as one falls.
Just before the splat, crash, crack, the pressure of 138 bpm intensifies the gushing rush and throbbing.
Sucking at it’s prey it leaves nasty looking infectious holes.Tentacles pulling from the deep.
Intoxicated and sick one may stumble.Lured in by missing light.

Whomp!Whomp! – it goes through the cold city night…