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15 Nov



6 Dec

There are many different genres in the music landscape of today. But even in days long past us the listener was overwhelmed by the brilliant and most extraordinary creations of the musical genius of that time. Also the likings of the ear have changed over time, which has given rise to the variation we see in the music of today. Ranging from neo-classical,traditional compositions to minimalistic, down-beat Electronica one can never quite predict what might come next.

However one small aspect of music has stayed with the audience throughout time – The Harmony.
Whenever such harmony is heard it leaves the listener with a sense of understanding, self-realization or plain awe. The set of certain notes triggers a feeling within, that can’t quite be described in total since it relies heavily on the personal affiliation and emotion connected to it.
The harmonic tunes have been used by many, if not all musicians over time. But not only do these artist make use of the magic which is found in many other natural sciences. To many the deep truth can be found in the proportio divina or sectio area which is also found when studying musical harmonies.
To some degree I have found that music which is often referred to as being good contains harmonies which are easy to listen to, don’t create distractions, are somewhat predictable and sound whole and smooth to the human ear. Bakermat, a Minimal/Electronic Artist from the Netherlands creates this warm, flowing sound. Accompanied by live Saxophone, Flute and Trumpet are simple but effective minimalistic beats, which create a surrounding and slightly unclear ambience. The affection is both melancholic and joyous, which adds up to the perfect minimal experience.

The Harmony can be used to create immediate reaction among the audience, yet cannot be overused. If the music is too clear and predictable to the listener it becomes boring and uninteresting, which would eventually lead up to a rejection of harmony. This is the case in some forms of Jazz,Blues,Punk or even Classical music.