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1 Apr

Surely none of the first pilgrims had in mind what would evolve from their first steps on the north American continent. Most likely nobody could know what was going to follow the first settlement within a new environment, among different people and on unknown territory…

However by now we at least have an assumption about what this nation has become. Built on slavery and nourished by capitalism the symbol of western society was born. Within this system, a moral standard has arisen that lets the critical mind drift into doubt ever so often when seen in contrast to the rest of the world.

Of course the western civilization has had its positive part in the course of modern history. However at the very fundamental basis of this nation stands a troublesome dilemma. Originally the Land of the Free was thought to be a stronghold for those being oppressed, persecuted or constricted of their personal freedom in any way. This right soon was lifted and the burden of the free was laid on others. This ambiguous concept has undermined world politics and society ever since.

How can we be certain that this faulty system has been and is being reconfigured for the better? Why is it that an entire people can be inconclusive and dubious about its global role? – Uncertainty.

A clear opinion is nearly ever shared, a side rarely chosen. All this is done in order to shade any personal thought, attitude or approach and not to run the risk of openly offending someone. However the underlying personal view may actually be very controversial and can stay this way without being confronted with opposing sentiment or criticism. Not all minds think the same and are not meant to do so. However communication is necessary to ensure that a single opinion does not reach the level of a dogma which is blindly followed and not reflected by the individual.