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26 May

Germany was one of the first countries next to France to really introduce electronic music to the masses. Yet at the time of its birth the electronic music was nothing compared to what we hear today – Simple Sine-Cosine oscillations combined to create a new and interesting synthetic sound.

Now we are confronted with an entire range of new species of music brought to life by these simple technological advancements.
The music world in Europe has taken up quite the leading role world wide, setting new standards and trends within this genre. Germany and France have both brought forth extremely good Minimal artist such as Fritz Kalkbrenner and Worakls as well as Denmark with Trentemøller. Although this seems to be the momentary trend European countries are not confined to a certain genre as France is leading in Hardcore and even has its own genre, Frenchcore with bands including Le Bask and JT Labo 14 and Denmark also has fantastic Goa/Prog.Trance produced by Morten Granau.

Nevertheless it all has its beginning in the older, more simplistic groups such as Kraftwerk and well known Djs of the 80’s Techno scene such as DJ Kotze, Dr. Motte, Sven Väth and many others. Der Dritte Raum is one of the many great talents that this music has brought forth.