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16 Feb


~ 1900s. In its time a completely new way of making music, of making art, even of thinking was born. Musically the exact note became irrelevant and the act of creating it was set into focus. Never since was music this heavily inspired by the idea of freedom speech and communication.

Playing a jazz arrangement in a group meant having  a discussion, a disagreement,  a chat or jive. As long as you could express yourself you were welcome. Any note could be heard and any opinion stated.
However, as in a mouth to mouth conversation many ways of having a conversation are possible and thus many forms of jazz have derived from the original stutter.

Abstractly jazz can be seen as “an alternative to the common rule“. The general boundaries are set, but purposely left unclear or variable. Making out what is kept within this frame  or left out  is therefor up to those who make use of it.

Historically the years following the birth of this free music were quite ambiguous in many ways. The music had connected social as well as cultural groups that hadn’t associated  much before that and was able to break down some preexisting barriers such as racism between black and white. However, change was not made merely through the music. The people could only apply the  jazz approach to a certain degree to their daily life, and it took decades for the stirring  to actually become a wake of love and peace.

Today that wave of enthusiasm has again died down and one is left with the rules that have been set up in order for society to function. Without creativity and movement these barriers and boundaries would indeed become a frame to a dull picture – What a still life it would be!