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30 Jan

Undoubtedly The Beatles have influenced the music and especially the pop genre throughout the years. Many tributes have been done and remixes mastered ranging from classical compositions to Reggae and Ska remakes. There is hardly anybody left today who can’t fit a face to the name John Lennon or doesn’t recognize the melody of Let it Be.

Rarely, at least in modern history has music been reinvented and publicized to the same extent as those four young men were capable of doing. Of course many, if not every musician changes the course of music and how it is perceived in a way – Nothing stays quite the same, however small the change might be!

Underground Hip Hop has mostly been listened to by a distinct audience that has, as well as the music itself been very strongly influenced by local character and style. Outside the circles of Underground afficionados not much has trickled through to the outside world although some well known Hip Hop artist, such as Eminem,Dr. Dre or André 3000 and Antwan from OutKast started among the underground realm and have come to great success. Sadly in some case the underground roots were lost or left behind during the public wake of fame.

One Track that came to my attention in the last weeks is a remix from 2007 of The Beatles’ – Let it be done by the Seattle based Hip Hop group Dyme Def. It is considered one of their better known pieces and deserves more attention since it truly is a great symbiosis of mainstream pop with underground hip hop. Of course since the Grey Album was created as a Mashup-piece by Danger Mouse in 2004, mixing tracks from the White Album with tracks from Jay-Z, this is no novelty but merely a different facet of today’s hip hop as it should be.