6 Dec

Music has been around for quite a while now. Ever since people came up with this magical power it has evolved and taken up many different shapes and forms. It has and still is being used in many different ways ranging from pure entertainment to being a mean of communication as well.

Since the everyday environment, surrounding us has a great impact on our development and even genetic expression I think there might actually be more to music than just a sound. Scientifically music or more generally sound consist of different waves at certain frequencies. Of course melodic harmonies in music are, as the word implies harmonious which however does not always need to be the case with every sound. Physics has shown that every body of mass has a certain individual frequency. These however are commonly not harmonious and usually base on a chaotic system due to the resonance and influence of other forces.  Experiments have been done on the impact of music and rhythm on brain waves thought which show that while listening to sound or music the brain reacts and “picks up” the rhythm in a way. Two people listening to the same melody or rhythm have shown very similar brain activity patterns. Based on this evidence one could come to the conclusion that sound and therefore music, as a form of harmonious sound can influence our brain activity and could alter our feelings, perception, or emotional state.


Personally a goal I would like to meet, hand in hand with modern technology would be to create a “Playlist of my Days” in which I would have the perfect song for any occasion, emotional situation, mood etc. Of course this would be an endless endeavour with music changing and more and more novelties sprouting up every day as well as personally being confronted with new situations as well. Nevertheless it is worth a try, and so far it has done me nothing but good.

Let the “Playlist of your Days” become the “Soundtrack of your life” which can then be purchased at your funeral.

Here, again a Dub track I can highly recommend by the Artist Dubmatix entitled “Champion Sound”


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